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First Day Of Spring Over Indy:
March 20, 2012
Indianapolis Cityscape at sunrise

The first sunrise of spring 2012, dawned over the Indianapolis skyline this morning while colorful electric signs and office and hotel lights reflected from the surface of White River.

Going out in the early morning darkness can sometimes result in rewarding photographs once the light begins to creep over the horizon, but sometimes it's just a wasted effort. When I arrived at my location on White River Parkway this morning after driving about 30 miles, I could only occasionally see a dim star in the sky, so I knew there was a cloud cover, but had no idea how thick it was.

I went ahead and set up my camera on the tripod and took my first picture at 6:59 am. I changed camera positions several times during this session, and took my last photo at 7:34 am, which was thirty-five minutes later. By then the sky was getting too bright and the quality of light was rapidly waning. When photographing cityscapes or buildings of an early morning, there is only a small window of opportunity before the natural light overpowers the building lights.

The sky this morning was not the best, but it also wasn't all that bad either. After all, this was the first day of spring, and I accomplished what I had set out to do – get a spring photo of Indy's skyline before sunrise.

Web Site Home Page Updated:
January 2, 2012

As of January 1, 2012, I updated my Home Page displaying a new photo. It is a panoramic view of the Michigan City Lighthouse and was taken shortly before sunset on December 2, 2011.

Chicago And Indiana Dunes Photo Excursion:
December 8, 2011
Marilyn Monroe Statue

Becky and I drove to northern Indiana on Friday afternoon, December 2, 2011 to the Super 8 Motel in Chesterton. The purpose of this trip was to meet up with eight other members from our camera club (Killbuck Photo Guild) from Anderson, Indiana, for a weekend photo shoot including downtown Chicago.

We checked into our room, then Becky and I drove to Michigan City to photograph the Michigan City Lighthouse and beach area shortly before sunset to capture the golden evening light as it cast a warm glow on the crashing waves washing ashore. We took many nice photos before darkness fell.

After meeting with everybody of our group back in Chesterton, all ten of us went to Wagners Ribs just a few miles away for dinner and socializing. I ordered a half rack of ribs, and they were tender and delicious. I definitely will go back someday as they were that good.

Saturday morning was dark and dreary and the weather forcast wasn't very promising for the day as there was a strong chance of rain in the Chicago area. Our group, Steve and Jan Wright, Ray and Barb Grimball, Mark and Julie Hogue, Kathy Stevens, Steve Branch, and Becky and I, stopped for breakfast at the Third Coast Spice Cafe, a small restaurant in Chesterton, before embarking out to take pictures.

After eating, we all drove to the beach at Indiana Dunes State Park to take photos for about an hour or so before we had to catch the South Shore Line commuter train into Chicago. The train quickly filled up with passengers headed into the Windy City to do their Christmas shopping.

We rode the train as far as it would take us to Millennium Station at Randolph Street and Michigan Avenue, about an hour and fifteen minute ride. That put us about two blocks or so north of the Art Institute of Chicago where we went to view two photography exhibits, Timothy H. O'Sullivan: The King Survey Photographs, and The Three Graces.

After eating lunch in the Garden Cafe at the museum, we then hit the streets and pretty much went our separate ways to take pictures and enjoy the downtown area. We all lucked out. The sky was only partly cloudy with some blue sky peaking through, and no threat of rain whatsoever. Becky and I photographed a huge statue of Marilyn Monroe just north of the Chicago River. Throngs of people stood around waiting to have friends or family members take picture of them standing between Marilyn's legs and looking upward.

We took many pictures in Millennium Park that afternoon of Cloudscape, also known as "The Bean" as well as other objects of interest and ice skaters enjoying the chilly afternoon and evening. We stayed until just past dark before we made our way to the train station and caught the South Shore Line back to Dunes Park where we had boarded the train that morning. Most of the rest of our group had already taken earlier trains back.

Back in Chesterton, we met up with our group and then we went to Applebee's for dinner and to catch-up on the days events.

Sunday morning, we met in the lobby of the motel and then struck out to do some photography before breakfast. We photographed an old school house, which now was a gift shop, across the road from the Furness Cemetery. From there we drove to an old farmstead, Chellburg Farm which was sold in 1972 to the National Park System. What started out as a drizzle when we arrived, turned into a heavier rain a short time later, so it was time to head back to our vehicles and be content with the photos we had taken.

After breakfast at Bob Evans, Becky and I headed toward home and drove in rain all the way to Shelbyville, Indiana.

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